1. Read and strive to understand the SoS main text. Write a short essay to show you at least read it.
2. Be honest in answering your personal information as asked of you in the application form.
3. Be Patient


1. Show by your actions, deeds and mannerisms that not only do you understand the SoS philosophy, but you practice it as well.
2. Be strong in your beliefs; yet at the same time be supportive of the beliefs of other members.
3. Do not let your own insecurities drive you to entrap others with your beliefs. 

Priests / Priestesses

1. Accept those that look to you for advice and guidance with the same love and devotion as you would expect and desire from your own mentors.
2. Preach by example and deeds, not flowery words to attract drones.
3. Become the mothers and fathers of your worlds and accept the responsibility of 
your words and deeds.


1. Promulgate the philosophy of SoS to those that are interested in it.
2. Be the Kings and Queens of your worlds through love and compassion, not pride, arrogance and self-indulgence.
3. Become as beacons in the light, outshine the son, and or sun

Baphomet Rex 666

1. Be the personification of the SoS philosophy.
2. Mediate and resolve any and all conflicts brought to your attention by any members including applicants.
3. Lead by example, not eloquent speech.

Goals of SoS

1. Spread the philosophy of freedom throughout the world.
2. Encourage self-reliance and freedom along with social responsibility.
3. Support those that would be trampled asunder by the mob mentality of society, 
be it that they show the understanding and responsibility the philosophy of SoS teaches.